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"The animal-loving philosophy that is reflected on your web site attracted us to Mystic Moon, and we are delighted to testify to the effectiveness of your methods and your marvelous skills as a trainer and coach." Read more »


Welcome from Iowa's own Dog Whisperer...

My Goal As Your Trainer - to show you how fun, and easy, dog training can be. Whether you need puppy training, or have an adult dog that needs a refresher obedience course, it should be fun, positive, and rewarding for you, and your dog. Whether you need a pet trainer, or competition level dog trainer, I offer what you need.

You will leave my Class with a smile on your face, and your dog's tail wagging. This is the most fun you can have with your dog, and still consider it productive dog training.

It's easy to register for my Class? On my home page, click on “Contact Us”. Email me the date of the class you're interested in attending, your name, your address and phone number/s. Also, send me your pet's name, age, breed and sex. I'll reply with a confirmation, and additional instructions.

There is enough information within this site to convince you that I can help you and your family with any dog training you need. I teach basic obedience, behavior modification, and problem management for any situation you will encounter.

At Canine Training by Mystic Moon, Inc. we offer a wealth of knowledge on dog behavior. We are not only experienced, but have also educated ourselves from the best training professionals in the world. I have searched and studied, near and far, for every bit of information that goes into our training program. 

My Personal Goal As a Dog Trainer:
Reduce the huge numbers of dogs that are re-homed, abandoned, or euthanized annually.

Tonya's Dogs

Let me introduce you to my dogs. In the first row (above photo) are Cierra and Cavell. On my right are Q and Dezi. On my left is Nikki. All of my dogs have multiple titles, and perform in a wide variety of events and activities. All are pleasing house pets.

For fun pictures and compelling stories about their careers, please see each dog's page (links on the left). We also have a delightful array of photos, articles and stories for your browsing enjoyment.

You name it...
we'll help you solve it!

Does your dog:
- love the sound of his own voice?
- jump on people uncontrollably?
- use your body as a chew toy?
- only "come" when she wants to?
- think garbage is a treasure?
- chase and nip children?
- have potty issues in your house?
- think everything in the house is his, including your bed!?

We can solve all of this...
and much more.

Behaviors your dog may need training in: 

Obedience for the companion dog
Behavior modification
Socialization - puppy and adult
Agility for fun, or competition
Children with dogs
Difficult dogs
Therapy dog training
Alarm barking
Deaf dogs...and much more!

All with a big dose of FUN, included for free!

Our Family

We Can Change Your Tomorrow Today

Call Tonja or Chuck today for information on getting signed up.
You will see a huge change in your dog's attitude within 48 hours!!

Thanks for Visiting!

Canine Training by Mystic Moon, Inc.
Des Moines Dog Training, and surrounding areas
Tonja Osborn, Owner/Trainer

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